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Movie Review: Summer With The Guys” – A Hilarious and Engaging Ride



Summer With The Guys” delivers an uproarious and captivating cinematic experience that seamlessly blends humour and drama in a college setting.

The film is directed by Terrence Green and features a talented cast of fresh faces who show enough commitment to making this film their own.

The story being told and its premise is simple, nothing new and nothing complex. Four college football players lose their scholarships and are faced with unexpected challenges that could ruin their prospects so they must find work and make their tuition fees over the summer break.

This simple premise takes the viewer on an interesting journey as these friends rediscover themselves and how far they are willing to go just to keep their dreams alive.

Before losing their scholarships, DC (played by Terrence Green), Bmore (played by Brashaad Mayweather), Dan (played by James Hal Hardy) and Jay (played by Brannon B Watts Watson) are the pride of the college football team. These campus celebrities are living the high life, getting all the girls and always down to party. They appear to not be taking life seriously. But the thought fear of losing out on playing for the team and their potential professional careers serve as a rude awakening for all of them. 

With no other skills or work experience, they struggle to find jobs. They eventually run into Ms. Cash a female pimp who entices them to become male strippers to make some quick cash. This leads them down a road of thrilling parties, drugs and sexual encounters and experiences that could further threaten their already gloomy future.

As a directorial debut, Terrence Green shows purpose in his ability to mix comedy and drama cleverly without coming off as amateurish. The film’s witty dialogue and clever comedic timing result in a constant stream of laughter, leaving viewers thoroughly entertained. He also does great at tapping into the distinct personalities of the lead guys to provide different perspectives and experiences that could resonate with several viewers.

Each of the four friends has a backstory and minor subplots that seem to add some depth to the otherwise simple story.

What is also notable in this film is their performance as strippers. You could also be convinced that they are. Perhaps, it is their dedication to selling the roles that makes their performances even more believable.

Despite its indie budget, “Summer With The Guys” proves that creative storytelling can overshadow technical limitations. The film has the undeniable look and feel of an indie production. And in some ways, it feels rushed. With close enough attention, you could almost always spot the inconsistencies in the sound levels and the ADR work done in some of the scenes. The editing also exposes several continuity flaws that otherwise shouldn’t be easily noticeable.

However, the narrative of the film flows smoothly, carrying viewers along a straightforward yet engaging plotline allowing you to overlook all that could be wrong with it technically. The characters also do a great job of connecting with the viewers and forcing you to root for the success of the four leads.

I would rate this film 6/10. 

In the end, “Summer With The Guys” shines through its ability to deliver a multitude of laughs and memorable moments. The comedic risks taken by the film pay off, particularly towards the end, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable conclusion. It’s a film that leaves a lasting impression and prompts viewers to consider watching it repeatedly.

Summer With The Guys” is certainly an enjoyable watch if you have some downtime and are interetsed in seeing something from indie filmmakers. You can find it available for streaming on Amazon, Google Play and Tubi.

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