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Movie Review: “An Egyptian Affair” – A Boat Cruise, Blackmail, Secret Affairs and Questionable Friendships.



An Egypt Affair” takes viewers on a journey down the majestic Nile, weaving a tale of love, betrayal, and intrigue amidst the backdrop of ancient Egypt.

At its core, this indie film directed by Marlin Darrah revolves around Dylan Fontaine (played by Jarred Harper), a wealthy CEO facing marital troubles with his wife, Alexa (played by Stacey Marie Williams). In an attempt to mend their relationship, they embark on a journey down the Nile River with another couple, Amber (played by Lesley Grant) and Jake (played by Nick Dreselly Thomas). Along the way, they encounter another mysterious couple, Safiya and Darius, who exude an aura of intrigue and danger.

The central conflict emerges as Dylan and Alexa‘s relationship deteriorates, and Dylan finds himself drawn to Safiya, who appears to be trapped in an abusive and controlling relationship with Darius.

What initially appears as a simple tale of forbidden romance on a Nile cruise soon evolves into a complex thriller, with layers of mystery and suspense waiting to be unravelled.

Jarred Harper and Yolanthe Cabau in An Egypt Affair (2023)

As Dylan and Safiya‘s attraction intensifies, the plot thickens, revealing hidden agendas and unexpected alliances. Friendships are tested, choices are made, and secrets are unveiled, leading to a series of dramatic twists and turns which the filmmakers intended to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

A few minutes into the film, its premise starts to feel very familiar, and then everything begins to get a bit too predictable. While its title suggests a focus on the affair between Dylan and Safiya, it delves into broader themes of crime and revenge, adding depth to the narrative. Subplots and affairs intertwine, gradually revealing themselves as part of the film’s intricate storyline.

However, the execution of these plotlines leaves much to be desired. Dialogues often come across as over-dramatized and laden with unnecessary exposition, making certain revelations feel predictable and robbing the film of its intended suspense and fun.

Performance-wise, some of the cast struggle to breathe life into their characters, even faltering in their delivery of lines and emotions. You can almost see through these characters and notice their intentions and agendas, almost as though they give away too much, making it easy to predict most of the intended plot twists.

For instance, there is a scene where DylanJake, and the boat’s captain are conversing. Within that brief period, through dialogue, we learn all there is to know about the two friends, how they met, and the dynamics of their friendship. With all this information given out earlier in the film, it made it easier to predict many things that were supposed to add to the suspense needed in this thriller.

Despite this, Yolanthe Cabau stands out with her portrayal of Safiya. It seems almost natural for her to embody the character’s allure and seductiveness. However, she does struggle a bit in scenes that demand excessive expressiveness in conveying feelings of sadness.

Jarred Harper and Nick Dreselly Thomas in An Egypt Affair (2023)

Another standout performance was from Alfonso DiLuca, who portrays Captain Amaros, the captain of the steamboat the couples are touring with. Initially, his character’s disposition is difficult to read, leaving viewers uncertain about his intentions and allegiances. However, by the end of the film, Captain Amaros evolves into a likeable character who undoubtedly enhances the film and its story.

What truly works for this film is its choice of setting. Egypt provides a truly unique backdrop for the story. The sights and sounds along the Nile serve as a character in themselves, adding depth to the film. Numerous shots capture not only the architectural history of this stunning location but also its rich cultural elements, that make it an ideal destination for holidaying.

This film gives off the vibe of a passion project undertaken by a group of friends on a vacation to Egypt. However, it does show promise that could have been realized more effectively with greater attention to acting performances and overall storytelling.

Fortunately, this isn’t entirely a terrible movie. It just lacks that extra spark that would make it compelling enough to revisit multiple times. Its 85-minute runtime even feels somewhat prolonged for the narrative it presents. It chooses to tell more than it should show making the entire experience one that lacks the suspense and thrilling intensity that it promises.

Overall, “An Egypt Affair” falls short of its potential, feeling more like a passion project than a polished thriller. While it has moments of intrigue and allure, lacklustre performances and a predictable storyline hinder its impact. I will score this film 5 out of 10. 

Despite its promising premise and exotic setting, the film struggles to captivate audiences, leaving them longing for the extra “oomph” needed to elevate it further.
You can find and watch “An Eygpt Affair” on, Vudu, and on Spectrum.

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