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Movie Review: “Queen of Knives” – A Slice of Brooklyn Family Drama Emphasizing the Importance of Acceptance and Love.



Queen of Knives” offers an interesting exploration of the intricacies of family life amidst the backdrop of Brooklyn, NY. It is a film written by Lindsay Joy, based on a story by Gene Pope.

Directed by Jon Delgado, this comedy-drama delves into the lives of the Benetto family, whose relationships are fraught with tension following the divorce of Frank and Kathy, and how it impacts their adult children.

The film opens with a series of morning vignettes, each providing glimpses into the lives of the Benetto family members as they start their day. Frank, the patriarch, awakens alone, grappling with the aftermath of a failed marriage and uncertainties about his career. 

Kathy (played by Mel Harris), his ex-wife, shares tender moments with her partner Joanne (played by Tara Westwood), prompting the viewer to ask questions and make assumptions about the reason for the demise of her marriage with Frank.

We are also introduced to their adult daughters, Kaitlin (played by Roxi Pope) and Sadie (played by Emily Bennett) who despite their differences, share a strong bond amidst their romantic struggles and professional challenges. As the narrative unfolds, we gain insight into each character’s journey and the events that have shaped their decisions over time.

Mel Harris in Queen of Knives (2024)

Sadie particularly can’t seem to settle with anyone and would rather have flings with random people, also experiencing a problematic relationship at her workplace.  Kaitlin on the other hand is in a same-sex relationship and is not sure about introducing her partner to her family fearing that it might complicate things for her.

Frank’s fortunes take a turn when he crosses paths with Autumn (played by Alexandra Renzo) after she accidentally collides with him on her bicycle. Their connection is swift, and they find themselves falling for each other effortlessly. The only hitch? Autumn is significantly younger and could easily be mistaken for Frank‘s daughter.

The story culminates in a fateful dinner at the family’s former home, where tensions come to a head with surprise visitors and unintended consequences.

Initially intended as a dinner for Kaitlin to introduce her partner to the family, the evening takes a chaotic turn when Frank unexpectedly arrives with Autumn. Through conflicts and revelations, deep-seated emotions of pain and loss are exposed, forcing the family to confront their unresolved issues. Additionally, we uncover the truth about what happened to their son, adding another layer of complexity to the characters and their choices.

The cast delivers standout performances, with Gene Pope, who also shares writing credits, portraying Frank with effortless depth. You can say the same for all the actors in this film. There isn’t a single character that seems out of place in terms of acting. Even those with minor roles contribute greatly to the overall quality of the film in that department. After all, you need capable actors to drive any story forward. 

Queen of Knives” eschews traditional story arcs in favour of a climax centred on reconciliation and acceptance, particularly between Frank and Kathy

Alexandra Renzo in Queen of Knives (2024)

Director Jon Delgado strikes a balance between drama and light humour, ensuring the film remains engaging without veering into overt comedy that typically leaves some films unfunny in the end.

Visually, the film chooses a vibrant colour palette that compliments the visuals courtesy of the Director of Photography Saade Mustafo, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. 

Ultimately, “Queen of Knives” offers a nuanced portrayal of family dynamics, emphasizing the importance of acceptance and love amidst adversity.

While not without its flaws, “Queen of Knives” serves as a gentle reminder of the power of forgiveness and resilience in the face of adversity. Though it may not provide all the answers to relationship woes, it encourages viewers to seek happiness and acceptance, even during turmoil.

I will score this film 6.5/10

In the end, “Queen of Knives” is a laid-back yet thought-provoking film that resonates with its exploration of loss, acceptance, and change within the framework of family. While it may not be a cinematic masterpiece, its sincerity and relatability make it a worthwhile watch.

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