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Movie Review: The Wedding Pact 2 – The Baby Pact – The Sequel We Didn’t Know We Needed.



The Wedding Pact 2: The Baby Pact is the unexpected sequel for 2014’s The Wedding Pact a romantic comedy about high school friends Mitch and Elizabeth (played by Haylie Duff) who make a pact that if they are both not married in 10 years, they would marry each other. Mitch shows up ten years after they had completed high school and surprises Elizabeth and gets her to fall in love and marry him.

This second part does well as a standalone film. There is no need to see to have seen or remember the first one before seeing this one. There are enough hints and details in the dialogue and storytelling to bring you up to speed on all that might have happened in Elizabeth’s and Mitch’s lives in ‘The Wedding Pact’. It works enough as story on its own introducing each character well enough without understating their significance to the story.

The story however does seem to start off not too far away from where the first part ended.  Mitch passes away two weeks into Elizabeth’s pregnancy. After the funeral she decides it is best to go back home to Fort Wayne, Indiana to live with her sister Rachel (played by Heather McComb). She can’t do it all by herself, grieving, carrying the pregnancy through to term and raising the child alone. Elizabeth fortunately gets a job in a flower shop that his run by her old friend Joe Jnr (played by Quinton Aaron).

She encounters Mitch’s mother Jennifer (played Chase Masterson). Their encounter quickly reveals the main plot for this sequel. Jennifer has in her possession a letter from Mitch that states that Elizabeth is unfit and not competent enough to take care of the child and that full custody of the child should be given to his mother.

Jennifer makes her intent to sue for full custody clear. With a renewed spirit and a determination to stay strong believing with a fresh start at life, Elizabeth least expected that she would have to face Mitch’s mother in a legal tussle over who gets full custody of her baby once it’s born. With no money, she is confused as to how she can afford a good lawyer to help her in court.

We are introduced to Kevin Pyle (played Connor Trinneer) a law attorney who happens to overhear Elizabeth at a coffee shop brooding over the issue with her sister on the phone. Kevin decides to take the case and help Elizabeth with her case for an almost significant fee. His biggest motivation is the lawyer on the other side of the suit representing Jennifer is his own sister, Robin Pyle (played by Gail O’ Grady).

As the story progress we discover more about the siblings and their rivalry as well as more about the disdain that Jennifer has for Elizabeth.

Interestingly, the case is being presided by Judge Anthony Steel (played by Kevin. P Farley) who a quirky fellow who sometimes speaks with a hand worn dog puppet. As cheesy as this seems, it doesn’t change the tone of the film or the intensity of the court hearings.

You are sure to enjoy this film for what it is, an interesting comedy drama that you can while away time with. I would score this film 7/10, it doesn’t bore you ore waste time on scenes, backstories or subplots that does not add anything to the film.

The Wedding Pact 2 has the TV Movie look and feel. But it is far from sloppy and boring, it looks good and certainly entertaining.  The way the end it ends also leaves room for another sequel. Hopefully we don’t have to wait another 8 years to see it.

In the mean time you can check this sequel that we didn’t know we needed out on either Amazon or iTunes.

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