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Press Release: Notice To Stop Showing Local Feature Films On TV.



As fall out from the KWAHU ACCORD, (Thursday 26th – 29th September 2019, Rock City Hotel,) the key stakeholders and enterprises of the Ghana film industry, have realized that one of the major setbacks to the collapse of the Ghana film industry was the unavailability of the market to distribute the products for economic value.

To fully appreciate this and other challenges and how to overcome them to unlock the huge potentials of the industry, it was appropriate to convene the various leaders in the film market (i.e. Film Producers Association, Markers & Distributors Association, Film Crew Association and Other stakeholders) to unravel the challenges surrounding the Marketing of the films produced and recommend pragmatic steps for its implementation.

In light of these, a 3-day strategy session was organized and sponsored by the Ghana Tourism Authority to understand the challenges and the reasons behind the collapse of the film industry and to enable them to put together solutions to revive the Exhibition, Marketing and Sales of Ghanaian movies, which once was a model for Film Producers across the world.

We would therefore like to use this medium to notify all our film producers that;
1. From 1st July 2021 No film producer or filmmaker shall sell any feature film to any TV station in Ghana to air until further notice.
2. All feature films already sold to these TV channels can show until the agreed date expires and thereafter cannot be renewed.
3. Any Producer or film Marketer who flouts these directives shall be sanctioned accordingly.
All film stakeholders must take these directives seriously and comply accordingly until further notice.

As jointly agreed by;
Film Producers Association of Ghana

Film Crew Association of Ghana

Marketers & Distributors Association of Ghana

Ghana Academy of Film & Television Arts


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