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Series Review: Human Telegraphs – You have a message.



This series set in the hustle and bustle of New York City is about a culturally diverse group of three ladies. There is Margot (Kayla Conroy) an aspiring actor, Lily (Rachel Kay Barclay) a playwright who is always about female empowerment and then there is Trisha (Fern Lim) the ambitious and bossy romantic.

After many disappointments with work and falling on hard times the three friends come up with an idea to start an in-person message delivery business called Human Telegraphs.

Their business model is quite simple. They deliver messages in person for anyone who can’t for some reason or the other. Throughout this first season, they encounter all kinds of people from all walks of life whilst delivering messages.  

Their interesting encounters and interactions with people are what makes up this series.

You can imagine how much there is a need for such a service like this in real life. From pissed off colleagues who would want to send a message to that one staff member who keeps eating everyone’s food in the fridge. To a disappointed lover who wants to break it off with their partner but can’t seem to do it in person.

Margot, Trisha and Lily are good at this job and go to any extent to make sure that the messages are delivered and over time their business thrives and they are even able to afford a new apartment.

They sort of can humanize the messages and get the right emotional responses from whoever the messages are meant for. They are also smart enough to navigate their way around every situation and the complexities that come with the job of walking up to a stranger and delivering a message that they might not even be expecting to receive. At times also, the messages might be things that are very difficult to be said.

They are most often caught in between relation dramas, conflicts and confrontations. They do their best to remedy the situation and in some cases are forced to be intermediaries or matchmakers.

The episodes are bite-sized in typical web series fashion. Straight to the point and don’t drag on for longer than necessary.   The writing is crafty and eases each preceding episode into the next one making it easy to binge-watch and enjoy.

The comedy is witty and clever as well. You don’t see any of the characters being clumsy or acting a fool. But there are enough humorous situations to entertain and satisfy you.

Human Telegraphs in a quirky way remind us that communication is a very much needed form of human interaction. The three ladies might not know it yet but they are touching lives and I can’t wait to see what more the writers have to offer with this series.

I would rate the first season of Human Telegraphs 3.5/5 stars. The premise is brilliant and it delivers a good dose of light-hearted drama that isn’t a waste of time.  

Human Telegraphs will be available online starting 15th November


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