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Stage Play: Dinner For Promotion, Another April Communications, Win.



Progress is measurable, and progress must be appreciated! has seen other plays of same production and we would objectively say that there has been great improvement.

Saturday nights drive to the National Theatre was definitely not a waste after being served with 2hours of well cooked humor and action on the “Dinner for Promotion’ another excellent production from April Communications production.

The play started in time which is great and commendable as well as good organization. No body likes to wait for long when they are indeed craving for some wholesome entertainment. And believe us when we say we were served at exactly the right time.

This James Ene Henshaw play  given a Ghanaian touch, basically tells the situation of two financially challenged friends who tried to work out their various interests in earning a promotion at work just to be able to earn some more money for a much better life. But this became a rather selfish motivated interest as all of them would rather tarnish the other person’s image just to win the heart of Rashida (played by Naa Ashorkor) who happens to be the daughter of their boss.

The story met good directing from our own Fiifi Coleman and excellent performance from the entire cast who seemed to have been so comfortable with their characters that they made very good use of the stage. Script work was equally great with actions and words well congruential.  Our favorite  performance was from the character, Alhaji Issachar (Rashida’s dad), he obviously gave us an awesome moment with every act he appeared in.

We also commend props and costumes for the good wardrobe choices that did well to compliment and complete each character. Actors must indeed wear what they are, at any given time in a role and this was captured well. Their costumes emphasized their roles accordingly.

Ghmoviefreak would still wonder why we had no Mix of music at some scenes. Maybe it wasn’t the intent to make this into a musical stage play, but for us, music is part of the African, and indeed we feel this would have helped express some acts better. We wouldn’t say some coral tune of some sort or a flawlessly sung tune, but along the lines, along the tease, along the advises and lessons learnt, lifting a tune that coordinates with the subject matter would have given a special effect and possible hinged this plays Ghanaian Setting.

Although we did not find the first two scenes sustaining enough, this plays quality of entertainment shot up very well after. And we later found appreciation for the the power of mind blowing start scene we had initially undermined. We believe the initials had the orations rattled through and not too natural a set which gave the appearance that the cast had not settled in yet.

But on a whole, this is a well deserved 8/10, and April Communications is not done blowing our minds in the coming years. They gave us a lot of lessons to keep our lives better and humor to get our heart in shape. We appreciate this show and we hope for more.

Incase you were not able to make it to any of the two showings of “Dinner For Promotions” over the weekend, just keep on the look out for the title of this play and make sure you don’t miss it out on it. Also know this, it’s a shrewd certainty, April Communications is HERE to stay.


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