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Stage Play: “Rejected” Another One From Uncle Ebo Whyte



One could think Uncle Ebo Whyte would have used this opportunity to tell some political themed story considering that we only a few days to our general elections. But, No, he chose to speak on a much bigger subject, Love.

It takes a certain level of dedication and hard work to be able to compete with and challenge your own self. The Roverman Productions team seems to have mastered that and always find ways in improving on their last production and this is clearly evident in what we saw last night.

Rejected, tells the story of a man who is married under customary law for 12 years,  whose attempt at getting a better life, even if that means leaving his wife behind is foiled by his best friend and his phone password.

The story, Rejected, resounds that true love is not supposed to hurt in any way but only challenges you to want to be a better person for yourself and your partner.

Every Ebo Whyte play we have seen over the years seems to find a good way of using very relatable situations to touch on subjects which we usually find uncomfortable to discuss or even imagine. Rejected is no different. This romantic themed play does well to speak on the average Ghanaian’s stance on customary marriage and the amount of credence we give to it being able to hold together a couple no matter what. It also talks about the value of friendship and the impact the quality of friends we keep can have on our relationships.

The argument of trust and how far we are willing to go in our relationships is raised again in this play. Are we comfortable with our partners knowing every detail of our lives as well us having unlimited access to our phones? This argument would always come up as long as we have come to accept technology as an essential yet necessary distraction for our daily lives and basic human relations.

The playwright, excellently packaged this in a bundle of good humor that is sure to leave you entertained as much as you would be educated.

In this production, as is very typical with Roverman plays, we get introduced to some new faces that impressed us with their performances and portrayal of the characters they had been tasked to play.  We really loved watching Nana Kofi Abrefa Sunu (who played the role of Thompson the married man) and Chrystal K Aryee (who played the role of Thompson’s mum). They wowed us considering this being their first appearance on a Roverman stage.

dsc_0621 We absolutely loved the set design for this play.  Where else in Ghana but a Roverman Productions play would you find a one storey set design that purposefully compliments the entire theme of the play.  You get to see the cast make good use of the set in making their acts more believable.

Maybe the night had already been too long and we were already feeling tired, but some of the acts felt too dragged and over dramatized.  It somewhat felt like either some of the lines had been repeated too many times by the characters or that was just the needed dramatization to make those acts enjoyable. Nonetheless we seem to feel a bit too overwhelmed by how long some of the acts took.

This play made use of expressively strong language in some of the acts which we would agree was very necessary to fully embody the character being portrayed and the mature humor needed to complete those scenes. Truth is, certain things are best conveyed in local dialects and the dialogue in this play carefully, yet purposefully delivers on that.

dsc_0631If you haven’t seen this play yet, brace yourself. You are sure to laugh your hearts out at the tiny bits of off-color humor adapted in this play. considers this as another excellent production from Roverman Productions we would rate this 9.5/10.

If you enjoy and appreciate a good laugh you should do well to go see Rejected. It’s showing on 26th and 27th of November 2016 as well as on the 3rd and 4th of December 2016 at the National Theater at 4pm and 8pm each day.

Don’t miss out on this mix of a cheating spouse, a confused spouse, a materialistic man of God, a feisty mother and a drunken friend who cannot keep his mouth shut.

Rejected is certainly a play you would love.

Also do well to get yourself a copy of Ebo Whyte’s new book, “The Perfect Couple” which is a sequel to his last book “The Deal”. It promises to be an equal excellent read.


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