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Stage Play: The Queue, He who jumps the queue dies first



Heritage of Africa, a collective of young talents coming together to help the youth understand and appreciate the importance of the cultural arts as a requisite tool for our economic growth and affluence has officially been launched.

 And we can confidently say we are excited about what they have in store for the youth as well as the arts industry for Ghana and Africa as a whole judging from last night’s official lunching that was climaxed with the hilarious play “The Queue”.

This Bill Marshall play directed by Solomon Fixon Owoo, touches on a very relatable subject that stares us in the face on a daily basis but is most often unnoticed.

In this play five patients fight for their position on the waiting bench using each other’s social statuses as weapons for and against each other to ascertain who gets to the see the doctor first when he returns. This could certainly be an everyday occurrence in any hospital anywhere in the country. This beautiful play captures and brings to light how some of our heavily flawed social structures are responsible for putting the Ghanaian populace in that state of mind of having to constantly debate over who is more important than the other and why.

A lot of credit should be given to the clarity with which this play presents its self. It goes right to the point and delivered to the audience exactly what it promised. Satisfying amounts of humor, propelled by excellent acting from the cast. It was very obvious that each cast understood their characters and where comfortable enough with their roles to channel the right amount effort to make the audience appreciate their performance.

Although there were some challenges with the lapel microphones for some of the cast which made it a bit difficult for us to hear them properly, the confidence of this relatively young cast was evident in their ability to deliver their lines without fumbling. And that shows the potential they each have to succeed in the acting business.

The screen play was put together perfectly in a way that it did not have a single intermission. The quality of the performance made up for the quite short length of this play. But then we would have loved to see more.

The story line had an interesting backstory for “The Prisoner” and “The Woman” which we would have loved to have seen as part of the entire play. But nonetheless the playwright did an excellent job of adding that back story without having to necessarily incorporate other acts or scenes into the play.

In the end this play reminds us all of our importance as citizens of this country and the need for us to observe equals rights always if we seek to continue to enjoy the peace our great nation is relished for.

We would score this play 9/10 only because would wish it had been a bit longer than it was so we would have enjoyed the excellent acting from the cast some more.

Heritage of Africa is officially alive now so be ready for the difference they intend to make in the lives of the youth of this country and the rest of Africa.

The night was also graced with memorable performances from Nana Assase (The Poet), Ayeeko Drummers, Afro Meastro Ochestra, Frankincense and Mr. O.

We would be personally be looking forward for when this play decides to go on a bigger stage like the National Theater  so as to enjoy it again, and you should do same in case you missed out on last night’s performance.

Do well to share your comments, opinions on this stage play in the comments section below.

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