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Stage Play: Ghana Must Live Again, A night of literary Responses.



This was a night of literary response put together by Germinal Consult and the National Dance Company that we wish had never ended. A lot had been said about how “Ghana Must Live Again” was set to make a huge impact on the creative arts industry and we were very eager to see it unfold.

This stage play certainly came at the right time with just a few months to the 2016 general elections. It preaches a strong compelling message that cannot be ignored or overlooked in any way.  A message that has for so long been hard to appropriately drum down in to the minds and hearts of the Ghanaian. In these perilous times where all belief has been lost and there seems to be no hope of our once great nation, this beautiful performance finds a way to blur out all the negatives and help focus on the strengths we have as a nation. As well as the role we are to play as citizens to help turn things around.

A beautiful mélange of poetry, music and dancing that served to remind us the audience of our true identity as kings and queens.

The playwright Nii Mantse, made good use of our beautiful and diverse culture as Ghanaians. From the gallant display of traditional clothing to the eloquent use of the Akan dialect you could easily sense the intent to remind us to be proud of our dying culture.

The performers did an excellent job of taking our minds off how small the actual stage set was as they came alive with every single act. Each act had its own way of grasping our attention and artistically serving us with thought provoking messages purported at awakening our dying spirits. The choreographer Nii Tete Yartey did a magnificent job being able to combine several distinctive cultures in the dance routines. This cannot be ignored as it subliminally reemphasized the importance of unity.


Overall delivery from the cast was flawless. It was more than a delight getting to see greats like Adjetey Annag, Edinam Atatsi, Nana Asase and Chief Moomen as part of this production. The passion and dedication from the entire cast was very obvious and added all the value and artistic intensity this production needed.

With carefully placed elements of humor, the audience was reminded we could still laugh at our current situation as a nation regardless of how gloom things might seem. We cannot make a difference if we fail to see the positives that can come out any situation. And humor as a way of making us see positives at times.

In the end, the individual acts and performances that did not seem connected to each other in any way in the beginning, paints a perfect picture that clearly showed the need for unity and collaborative efforts from us all to help Ghana return its past glory.

This creative masterpiece does indeed rehash the importance and potential of the creative arts industry being one of the vital tools for nation building. The audience response showed a mass welcoming and understanding of the message that this entire experience had to offer. Ghana Must Live Again and it requires that we all put in equal efforts to ensure this happens.

GhMoviefreak would give this stage play a perfect score as it over delivered on all its promises and certainly over exceeded our expectations for that night.

Regardless of the many challenges Germinal Consult might have faced, they succeeded in putting together an awesome show that deserves to be recognized by all.  Ghana Must Live again is one those shows that you leave wishing you could back the following day with a handful of other friends just to re-live the experience.

We would not hesitate to go watch this creative masterpiece if it is ever staged again just to soak in some more of its inspiration.  Germinal Consult have inspired a Ghanaian renaissance now and we are glad to have witnessed it set into motion.

This was really a night that revived the spirit of Ghana.

Ghana must certainly live again!!

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