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Streaming Service “The ON! Channel” Launches “Out Of Africa” African Cinema Category



The streaming service “The ON! Channel (” is known for its diversity, therefore it should be no surprise that it would embark on a mission to bring to America (and the world), the amazing and celebrated films and series that are coming out of Africa.

The African Cinema Boom is real, and more and more it is being recognized that the incredible film projects coming out of Africa are pushing the envelope of creativity all while telling the stories that they want to tell. These films and “TV Series” are winning awards and are becoming the source of conversation and praise at film festivals in Europe and Asia as well as in Africa itself.  The ON! Channel (, continuing to maintain a diverse voice through acquired content, began screening content brought through their African Content representative, Joseph Clef Aboah. The first group of films and series launch on ON! This week with the promise of much more to come.

“Bringing a diverse view is part of our business statement. We love films and after screening several African films and series, we knew that we had to be a part of sharing these stories and voices. This content is incredible and stands up to anything from any country,” said Maurice W, Founder of the ON! Channel. “Most of the content out of Africa never makes it to the worldwide stage, so to speak, and we wanted to change that. The ON! Channel may have its strongest viewership in America; however, we are worldwide. I believe the world audience will embrace these creative works.”

African cinema is an expression of a cultural identity and examines their reality from their point of view.  Filmmakers are tackling genres such as sci-fi, drama, comedy, spirituality, Thrillers, Crime Stories, Love Stories and films based on true stories and more. The ON! Channel believes that there is a bigger audience for this cinema and we can’t wait for people to start discovering and watching all the amazing works that will be found in our new “Out of Africa category.”

For more information contact: (@theonchannel)

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