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Catch The Overflow Experience with the Premiere of “One Last Look” this February.



Prepare yourself for  the “Overflow Experience” this month of February 2017 at the Accra International Conference Centre.

This entertainment packed event combines a Gospel music show, standup comedy performances and tops it up with a film premiere.

With performances by Joe Mettle, Nii Ernie, Preachers, Worship In Motion, Inner Circle Choir and a special comedy session from the King of Christian comedy, Akpororo.

Catch the premiere of “One Last Look” a family drama from the stables of OVF Productions which stars, John Dumelo, Francis-Jamal Slocombe, Paulina Oduro, John Peasah, Belinda Dzatta and Fred Amugi.

The lives of two married couples turn sour and they are plunged into the muddy waters at the verge of a divorce.

In a Ghanaian society where marriage is more between families than just the two individuals, what happens to these marriages?

 In this current society where the wedding is more important than the marriage, what happens to these two couples?

 With the Youths in a rush to have an eventful and colorful wedding, are they ready for the marriage?

In marriage crisis, whose voice do you listen to? God? Or Friends? Friends who secretly wish to have what you have or friends who are in worse situations?

Does the marriage go beyond the honeymoon days? What influence has family and society as a whole on marriages lately?

Can we live married after “honeymoon love” is done?

After all is said and done, will there be anything worth fighting for in any marriage?

Be prepared to find answers to all of the above at The Overflow Experience come Sunday, 12th February 2017 at the Accra International Conference Centre at 6pm.

Tickets are available at Silverbird Cinemas Westhills Mall and Sunny FM for 100ghc VIP and 50ghc Regular. Or you can call 0240417120.

Watch Trailer for “One Last Look” below..




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