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Documentary Film Review: Stronger By Stress – Biohacking Made Easy.



To many, the concept of biohacking might sound very complex and seem like something that requires a laboratory and several smart people in white lab coats.

Director Andzei Matsukevits tries to simplify this concept with this documentary film ‘Stronger By Stress’.

“It is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it” – Hans Selye.

The film focuses on stress and how it affects the body and productivity. And also highlights and suggest some amazing simple ways that we can make our lives better increasing our resilience against stress helping is to perform better in all our activities.

The experts who speak in this documentary seem very experienced in their findings and excited to share their knowledge on biohacking. They speak into detail about the science and simple everyday habits that can contribute to making the average person more equipped to handle stressful situations. They each seem to highlight the importance of sleep, dieting and exercising as key ways of managing stress levels. Some of the suggestions they proffer might appear quite radical or extreme but they are able to justify its effectiveness. The years of experience of holistic living and science come to bare in the ideas that they present in this film.

It is interesting how something as simple as seeing the right color light at various times in the day could make a huge difference on our stress levels. This film talks more about that and even explains how a quick dip in ice cold water can also alter the bodies response to stress.

The interviews, narrations and the entire tone of the documentary is kept at a decent upbeat pace ensuring that you are fully engrossed and attentive not to miss anything. There are also enough b-rolls, demonstrations and graphical presentations to make it easy for the viewer to follow and understand. Visually, the film is also pleasing to watch. All the aesthetics put together makes the experience of sitting through this film not only informative and educative but also very entertaining.

The film’s biggest strength is how its breaks down every single detail making it easy for the average viewer to understand and digest without needing to have any previous knowledge or experience on the matters discussed. No matter who watches this, they are certain to be convinced that stress can be  managed.

Stronger By Stress is one of those pieces that succeeds at making you question some life choices and decisions once its ended. It is loaded  with enough good information for anyone to make an informed decision on. By its end, you are sure to  change some habits that are responsible  for adding on to your stress.

What this film really preaches is the need to adapt to lifestyle choices that makes you a better version of yourself. The choices are many and ‘Stronger By Stress’ is your guide through a few that many people need to know. Even if you are not a fan of documentary films, you should give this a chance and by it’s end, you are certainly going  find some biohacks that work for you.

Stronger By Stress is available on digital platforms starting March 8.

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