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Documentary Review: “Jazz Town” – A Resonant Exploration of Denver’s Jazz Legacy

Jazz Town is a captivating documentary by Ben Makinen, showcasing Denver’s jazz scene. It masterfully captures the transformative power of jazz but suffers from repetition and a lack of narrative focus. Makinen’s exceptional soundtrack and inclusion of Grammy-winning artists elevate the film. It’s a heartfelt tribute to Denver’s jazz legacy. Rating: 3/5 stars.



Jazz Town, directed by Ben Makinen, takes viewers on a captivating journey into the vibrant jazz scene of Denver, showcasing the city’s rich musical heritage and the profound impact of jazz on its culture. This documentary is a heartfelt tribute to the Grammy Award-winning musicians who have shaped Denver’s jazz landscape, while also shedding light on the challenges faced by the genre in a rapidly evolving industry.

One of the remarkable aspects of Jazz Town is its ability to transcend the boundaries of a specific city and reach a global audience. Through captivating visuals and insightful interviews, Makinen immerses viewers in the essence of jazz, highlighting its ability to transcend cultural barriers and resonate with audiences around the world. 

The film masterfully captures the soulful improvisation and artistry that define the genre, leaving viewers awestruck by the transformative power of music.

Makinen’s connection to the subject matter is evident throughout the documentary. As a filmmaker, musician, composer, and songwriter himself, he brings a deep admiration for the jazz legends who have mentored countless young musicians. His unwavering passion shines through every frame, capturing the magnificence and grace of these revered artists. The intimate interviews with jazz musicians provide heartfelt insights into their experiences, revealing the secrets of their success and the enduring spirit of jazz.

The film beautifully captures the unique character of Denver’s jazz scene, offering a fresh perspective on a city not often associated with the genre. Makinen skillfully weaves together interviews, performances, and behind-the-scenes footage to create a comprehensive portrait of the city’s jazz legacy. The inclusion of live performances adds electrifying energy to the film, immersing viewers in the captivating world of jazz music.

While Jazz Town excels in capturing the essence of jazz, there are a few areas where the documentary falls short. At times, the film tends to repeat similar ideas and anecdotes, resulting in a sense of repetition. A more focused editing approach could have eliminated some of the redundancy, allowing for a tighter and more impactful narrative. Additionally, the film occasionally lacks a clear throughline, making it challenging to discern the overall structure and purpose of the documentary. A stronger narrative thread would have enhanced the storytelling and provided a more cohesive viewing experience.

However, these minor shortcomings do not detract significantly from the overall impact of Jazz Town. Makinen’s exceptional original soundtrack, expertly composed to complement the exploration of jazz and improvisation, adds a layer of depth and emotion to the film. The inclusion of Grammy-winning artists and acclaimed jazz musicians further elevates the documentary, underscoring the enduring relevance and power of jazz music.

Jazz Town is a testament to Makinen’s dedication and perseverance in bringing this remarkable project to fruition. Over 12 years, he overcame personal sacrifices and numerous challenges, reflecting his unwavering commitment to capturing the essence of Denver’s jazz scene. His multifaceted role as a producer, writer, director, cinematographer, editor, composer, and self-distributor showcases his talent and passion for the craft.

In the end, Jazz Town is an immersive and resonant exploration of Denver’s jazz legacy. Through captivating visuals, heartfelt interviews, and exceptional performances, the documentary celebrates the spirit of jazz and its enduring impact on the city’s musical landscape. While the film occasionally suffers from repetition and a lack of narrative focus, its powerful portrayal of jazz’s transformative power leaves a lasting impression. Jazz Town is a must-watch for jazz enthusiasts and those who appreciate the universal language of music.

I will score this documentary film out of 5 stars.

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