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Ekow Smith-Asante and Albert Kuvodu to feature in New Fiction Podcast, ‘DEM TIMES’.



For lovers of a young adult coming of age story, DEM TIMES is a new podcast that takes some of the best and worst parts of boarding school life and puts them together in an audio format. An exciting new concept DEM TIMES is right on time given the rise of podcasting and the increased interest in original authentic, Ghanaian stories being told today.

DEM TIMES is a young adult comedy-drama following the re-education of British-born troublemaker, Samuel Adjei, in a Ghanaian boarding school.

Recently expelled from high school, Samuel finds himself on a plane heading to Ghana; a different country, needless to say, a different life. His formative years have begun. These are DEM TIMES.

Created by Jacob Roberts-Mensah and Rhys Reed-Johnson, at its core, this is a cultural migration; a fish-out-of-water story stemming from an outsider’s identity crisis inside the Ghana educational ethos – where the school day begins before sunrise and ends after 9 pm, and only after students have finished their homework (assuming chores have been completed too).

The series produced by Our Day productions, has appearances from veteran Ghanaian actors Ekow Smith-Asante, Albert Kuvodu (also known as Daavi from the Ghanaian hit Tv series ‘Fresh Trouble’) and Barbara Newton (Fresh Trouble) as well as some new young talent from the Ghanaian and Nigerian Diaspora, David Omordia, Shari Brock, Joshua Roberts-Mensah, Jimand Allotey, Samuelle Durojaiye and more.

You can check it out ‘Dem Times’ by following this link or listen to the trailer below.

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