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NFA Announces 25 Projects For the Next Stage of Pitch Series.



The Pitch Series put together by the National Film Authority is an all film-related pitching event intended to bring filmmakers and the Ghanaian film ecosystem to the attention of investors, broadcasters, distributors, sponsors, and platforms around the world for potential collaborations, sponsorships, investments, sales, and advertising opportunities.

Out of the close to 100 submissions received by the committee, a total of twenty-five (25) projects have been selected for the next stage of the series. The projects are listed below, 

  1.  Baba Bongo
  2. Tutu
  3. Salifu Dagarti
  4. Bukom
  5. 1000km/love
  6. A Woman’s Instincts
  7. White Fish
  8. The Republic Vrs
  9. She- Private Eye
  10. Adam The First
  11. We2
  12. Mysteries of the Golden Stool
  13. Missing
  14. Unbecoming
  15. Choices
  16. Bosompim
  17. A Dream to Die for
  18. My Cape Coast Love
  19. Ekuaba 
  20. I have a Voice
  21. Mmofra Channel 
  22. Casting Africa
  23. Film Tourism – Destination Ghan
  24.  Heroes of The Past
  25. iGrow Agriculture 

Speaking at the ceremony to announce the projects held at the MultiChoice Ghana Limited, Mr. Ivan Quashigah the Chairman of the committee stressed that, the focus is on the projects and not the persons behind them hence the choice to announce the names of the projects and not the people behind them. 

The selected projects would go through a series of workshops to be polished and repackaged for a pitch defense in November where six (6) will be selected for the final pitching session.

Five (5) other projects listed below were selected to partake in the workshops in-person but would not be eligible for the project defense stage. 

  1. Forts and Castles
  2. Chocolate
  3. The Chip
  4. Nassara
  5. Grain of Gold

The workshops would also be streamed live online to allow others to also others learn and equip themselves with the requisite skills needed to make a proper pitch to possible investors they come across. would be bringing you more updates on the progress of the NFA Pitch Series.


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