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GH QUEENS: The REUNION, Thrice the Drama, Thrice the Intensity as the Queens meet to recap the season.



The reality TV Show created and directed by Ayebea ‘BZ’ Darko, focuses on the careers, friendships and controversies of socialites including media personality Efia Odo, singer CocoTreyy, songwriter and performing artiste Sista Afia, social media influencer Abyna Marie and a few others.

The show mainly follows these four queens and their activities and interactions within the Ghanaian entertainment scene. We do not get to only follow them and their crafts, we get to see a much-detailed look at their everyday life’s and some the controversies and rumors they are involved with.

Over the span of the first season of the show, we have seen alliances been formed, betrayals, endless drama and the several exciting catfights as friendships and relations are tested amongst the ladies.

The reunion first episode of the three-part reunion show is hosted by Bernard Fiifi Yankey aired on Friday June 10th and features the Queens in all their fabulousness. We got to experience more drama and intensity as they recap and discuss some of the highlights and key moments from season 1.

Speculations are very high that both Sista Afia and Fantana will not be appearing in any of the three parts of the reunion show for very obvious reasons. The tensions between them and some of their co-stars haven’t been easy, as seen over the course of the season. But we wait to see how things go in the remain 2 episodes that would airing over the next two weeks.

In the first episode, Efia Odo revisits her issues with her manager Mykcute. She details what led to their falling out with her usual boldness and sass. And as you would expect, that is enough to turn up on the heat in the studios. But the drama doesn’t end there, when asked about the state of things between her and co-star Sista Afia, she goes on a full onslaught. She explains why she decided to crash Sista Afia’s birthday party

Abyna Marie and Efia Odo clash heads later on in the show in a heated argument over a photoshoot Efia Odo had invited her to over the course of the season. By the end of the show the two are almost in fisticuffs.

Singer CocoTreyy is not left out of the drama on last night’s episode of the reunion show. A discussion about her failed collaboration between her and colleague musician and co-star Fantana. Tensions are further heightened when a phone call is placed to Kofi, Fantana’s manager.

After an exciting rollercoaster of a season, fans are certain to enjoy another season of GH Queens in, hopefully sooner than expected.  But for now we have the reunion show to serve us with some more drama and to keep out tongues wagging.

Remember you can catch episodes of the special reunion show on DSTV’s (Channel 150) at 21:30 GMT on Fridays.

GH Queens is also available for streaming on SHOWMAX starting 24th June 2022.


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