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Movie Review: ABC Pictures Owns Independence Day Weekend; Any Other Monday.



It’s just about that time we all rally our efforts and stood fervently in support of our own. The Ghana film industry is on the rise. We have been impressed a lot lately and ABC Pictures’ Any Other Monday wouldn’t make us diverge.

Any Other Monday tells the story of couple who’s almost perfect relationship is upset and shaken on a regular almost routine day by a simple unforeseen incident of switching phones.  This script is another good example of thinking out of the box of the “African Romance” genre.

anyothermonday 3

The movie starts off with a close to perfect opening, with actress Yvonne Nelson’s character and new face Kunle Remi who played her on screen husband sharing good chemistry which sold us the idea of a very happy couple in a perfect relationship that left us eager to see what could possibly go wrong with their seemingly spotless marital life.  The rest of the movie did do well to keep up the suspense and intensity that makes you confirm that you are ready to sit through the full length of this movie to see each twist and wind  as well as it’s eventual climax.

Even though this is Kunle Remi’s first appearance in a Ghanaian production, his solid performance had us very impressed. His delivery was standard and cut across all scenes.  His character was one of the pillars in control  of the movie.

anyothermonday 4

We can’t fail to also mention Emman Donkoh’s equally impressive execution of his role. He fit naturally into it and it was very clear he was playing his actual self. We are already excited about seeing him again, just to see what else he has up his sleeve; acting wise. Gorgeous Victoria Michaels also came out impressive in her acting debut and we are optimistic she will work out the tiny flaws and shake the screens in latter days.

Ghana’s Prettiest, screen goddess Kafui Danku showed us the “boss” in her with all her sophistication and suave and we loved it. And Jose Tolbert’s embodiment of his character has proved his class as an actor who “brings it” each time he is called upon.

Of course we wouldn’t have an overall flawless output but GhMoviefreak would want to commend Pascal Amanfo for a good script and not failing in his directorial input to successfully bring out the intent of his script. It’s as though the cast were acting out their real life stories and that could only be achieved by a good director making the right casting choice. The addition of Doris Sackitey, one of the old faces in the Ghana Movie industry to play the role of Yvonne’s aunt was equally an excellent casting choice. We believe it adds to the touch of the ‘old feeling’ and proves that our film industry couldn’t have come this far without the foundations laid by some of our old folks.

anyothermonday 2

Production was also executed to high standards in this movie. Although the lighting was a bit exaggerated in some scenes the cinematography did an excellent job of making this movie pleasurable to the eyes. Some scenes also stayed up quiet longer and like any other movie freak, that could easily bore you and slow down excitement. Fortunately enough, Any Other Monday packed decent amounts of mild humor to keep you more interested and entertained.

We didn’t get to hear any songs or actual soundtracks in this title. We believe a lot of the scenes would have been more involving if they had been accompanied by some good music with relative lyrical content.  Maybe next time they could feed we the music lovers some pleasurable ear candy. Nonetheless we would agree that the accompanying score for most of the scenes had the element of mild suspense and intensity accurate enough.

This was very decent, entertaining movie with a script that was well thought out. We can only wish that it had ended with a much more resolved climax.  As this left us hungry for more with some unanswered questions. May be that’s the directors way of telling us to watch out for a sequel. But if there is going to be one… we wouldn’t hesitate to go see it.anyothermonday 5

We can’t call this movie perfect in totality, but would agree it was good in many ways and by many standards.  We would gladly rate this a well-deserved 7.8/10.

Ghana’s Independence Day weekend officially belongs to ABC Pictures, they did it last year and the year before that and they have excellently pulled if off again.

Do you have a Password on your phone? Do you have any secrets you are hiding from your partner? Regardless of your answers to these questions, this movie is for you…  You have to watch this. It relays a good moral lesson as well and it wouldn’t be a waste of time to grab your partner to the cinemas to see ‘Any Other Monday’

If for some reason you couldn’t make it to last night’s premiere, we strongly advise and recommend that you go see this movie as it is still showing in cinemas.

If you have already seen this movie do well to share with us  some of your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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