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Movie Review: “LUCKY” – Abstrakte, Coloring Outside the Lines of Our Social Construct.



It feels good to occasionally get to see something different from the regular. Abstrakte Productions’ promised something different with “LUCKY” and after what we saw last night, they were not far from right.

This feature film details the events in the life of a university student called Lucky, who with the help of his friend Wadaada tries to sell a laptop so he could afford to go on date with the girl he meets online. The sale doesn’t go as planned and they are faced with long day with a series of tumultuous, unexpected incidents.

A simple story which the makers aptly describe as a “tragicom” (a blend of tragic and comic elements) that uses a voice over narration to introduce to us the main subject, Lucky Berima Mensah (played by Kumi Obuobisa) and continues to tell the story of his day goes as the other characters in the film are introduced and carefully placed to progress the story.

The acting was superb and complimented a story that is relatable for almost any young adult on the back drop of how life on campus can get for some hustling students.

Solomon Fixon Owoo in Lucky (2018)

Solomon Fixon Owoo wows us with an unforgettably outstanding performance in this film as Waadada. He plays a very relatable character for almost any guy. He’s your plug for everything you would want to buy or sell, the ultimate streets savvy salesman. The kind of friend we all need who has your back yet is always on the move to make things happen. For us this feels like the film that is going to put Solomon Fixon Owoo under the spotlight worthy of a fine actor like himself.

New faces, Kumi Obuobisa and Kabuki Akiwumi also get their moments to shine in this as they did great at owning and selling to us the characters they played. Even songstress Jane Efya Awindor who isn’t known for acting is able to shine in this film with her character Nutifafa. We also loved seeing veterans Fred Amugi, Akofa Edjeani and Psalm Ajetefio in this film as well. They added some extra spice and seasoning to the overall acting performances in this film.

The editing style used some fast cuts that could leave you lost and confused about the timeline of events in the film. Nonetheless it still manages to make sense since the film’s central story is about several events that all happen in the span of one day. Although the editing gave off a few continuity errors there was nothing major to ruin the pace of the film.

Fred Amugi in LUCKY (2018)

We seem to also feel the film decently reflects what pop culture is currently, music wise, with some of songs that are used in this film. Featuring songs from new generation artistes like, Kwesi Arthur and Darko Vibes.

GhMoviefreak rates this film a well deserved 7/10 on our rating scheme. Besides being absolutely worth the time and money spent on it, LUCKY felt very different for us in many ways, not just in the style of storytelling but also in the simplicity of the story and how it still manages to subtly brush on controversial subjects like feminism, religion and Africanism while still being funny enough.

For their first feature film, Abstrakte Productions under the guidance of Director Togbe Gavua has got us on a high that we mostly definitely would ride on into the cinemas for their next feature project when the time comes. Hopefully we don’t have to wait forever for it.

We sense that this film defines what the Abstrakte Production team is about and what they seek to be; the child that colors outside the lines of our social construct. And we can’t wait to see this child grow into a man.

Kabuki Akiwum and Kumi Obuobisa in LUCKY (2018)

If you missed out on the “litt” yellow carpet premiere for Lucky last night do well to go see it at cinemas tonight or within the week as its still showing.

Also, do well to share with us your thoughts and views on the film in the comments section below if you’ve gotten to see it #forthelovoffilm.

And oh… did we forget to mention this is definitely the ULTIMATE STONER FILM with a Ghanaian feel. YES!!

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