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Movie Review: You May Kill The Bride – An Umar Krupp Image



In an industry where there is constant evolution and strive for perfection, we could only hope and continue to Inspire productivity and progression to the highest level. It’s the duty of all movie lovers to applaud all efforts as the ultimate success of this industry depends much on us supporting and encouraging our own.

People are often blind to the struggles movie makers face behind the scenes all in an attempt to satisfy our never ceasing need for wholesome entertainment. More reason why there is the need to celebrate every small victory as we continue to push further. Last night’s premiere had its issues but in the end hard work and creativity triumphed.

YMKTB shot 6

You May Kill the Bride, tells the story of a couple away on their honeymoon which gets crashed unexpectedly by another couple in the favor of the new bride who is scared to consummate her marriage.

This four cast movie has a simple straight forward script which we believe might have proved quite challenging for the director Abu Idi to some extent. Simple scripts are usually the most difficult to develop and execute a strong screen play for,  which would keep the viewer entertained well enough to appreciate the movie. The triumph is being able to squeeze out a viewing experience that fulfills the ultimate goal of entertaining any viewer. And this movie was able to do that.

selly galleySelly Galley-Fiawoo did a good job considering this being her first lead role ever.  She clearly showed she understood her role and did her very best to pull off this performance. We can only expect that she holds up to this and is able to back this performance up in her next lead role casting. Salma Mumin on the other hand was her usual comfortable self in this particular role. It was a bit hard to tell if she was acting or not. We believe this was because she fit right into the character she was given.

Actors Umar Krupp and Samuel Bravo  have proved to us again how comfortable they are working with each other and how they are able to rub off on each other’s energy and vibe to nail any character they are tasked to play.

The underlying theme for this movie fits perfectly into the romantic comedy genre and does deliver fairly on that. We get to see two couples with different stories and situations that seem quite humorous, vindictive and sinister. But also we get to see an undeniable existence of love and trust between them.

It was quite pleasurable seeing the story line unfold right before us and finally make meaning at the climax. But the whole thought process of trying to put the pieces together did expose a few plot holes in the script for us. We feel a lot more could have been done to develop the backstory of each of the characters.  Although that could have further extended the length of the movie and probably required additional supporting characters, we believe this could have added more weight to the story line and made it more enjoyable as well as more humorous.

YMKTB shot 2

We observed the director’s efforts at reducing nudity in the scenes that could have otherwise been more graphic and possibly too explicit. As much as the story line required nudity and not-so-mild levels of profanity, we commend how it was toned down to the barest minimum. We also noticed some good use of “mature” humor in the dialogue which was very much appreciated by the audience.

We were impressed with the hand held shots in the scenes that had the characters move from one room to the other. The third person point of view experience those shots gave were enough to put get the viewers’ attention and feel some sense relativity to the script.

However Samuel Bravo’s tall physique did not favor some of the shots as we saw a couple of scenes where it was clearly visible the DOP barely manage to succeed at not leaving him completely out of focus.  We also loved the editing and the phone screen mirroring  visual effects that showed us what the characters had on their mobile phone screens.

On the other hand, we were not at all impressed with the sound quality. The background score did a decent job at helping mask out some of the external interference from surrounding elements that couldn’t have been controlled entirely.  But this affected the audio from the dialogue. There were a few scenes that actually had echoes. We would expect that Cine-god Studios pay some more attention to what goes into the sound aspects of their next productions.

YMKTB shot 5

It’s about time Silverbird Ghana Cinemas stepped up their game as well. It’s bad enough already when editing of a movie goes wrong but what’s the essence of wasting time and money on cinematography and editing at all when the cinemas’ display is going to further ruin the quality of visuals the audience is expecting to see. There have be several situations (Ghanaian movies we have seen in the past) were we have been disappointed by the visuals only for the producers to reluctantly concede and take the fall for.  With this particular movie it was a very huge let down on the path of the cinema to have audience sit down and wait for another 15 or so minutes to re-calibrate  and re start a movie which we had already seen the   first 15 minutes of . Only to further ruin the viewing experience by giving us flickering images.  It wouldn’t kill to take an entire day, if necessary to make sure that visuals being projected are properly calibrated and of high standards. After all it’s the viewing experience that makes the whole idea of coming to the cinema hall worth it.

Silverbird Cinemas Ghana, please step up your game!!

We give the directorial input the credit for developing a screen play that served its purpose of entertaining the viewer. That notwithstanding, GhMoviefreak would like to rate this movie 5.8/10 because it had the potential to give us more than it delivered on.

This is certainly a good movie worth watching by anyone as it has its own way of keeping you interested from start to finish.

If you missed out on last night’s red carpet event, it’s not too late to go see this movie for yourself as well. Make some time to go see this movie too and get ready to be entertained.

Please do well to share your comments, opinions and feedback on this movie in the comments section below as well.

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