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Movie Review: The Last Days of Capitalism – Two Casts and a load of dialogue.



It is interesting how ‘simple’ can be complicated and ‘complicated’ can be very simple at times. This film’s somewhat complicated title packs a simple story into a tough shell that might not be immediately attractive to many.

In ‘The Last Day’s of Capitalism‘, a rich man hires a prostitute to go with him to Las Vegas for 72 hours. Thus begins a complex affair in their penthouse.

The film is just a simple story with two actors and a ton load of dialogue that makes for some interesting conversation between people who barely know each other.

The man makes an offer for her to stay the weekend, a juicy offer. She is initially reluctant and then he doubles the over. It’s easy money for her so she decides to stay. Perhaps, curiosity takes a better part of her as she is intrigued by this man. Both of them appear eager to find out each other’s secrets decide to make the best of the time they have together.

Right from the get-go, it’s obvious that they both seem to be lying to each other. Of course, you wouldn’t expect a wealthy man to be completely honest with a prostitute he picked up. Likewise, you wouldn’t expect a young lady to be honest with a strong man who seems to be so bent on making her stay no matter the cost.

As the story progresses, she proves to be an intellectual match for the wealthy and very learned man.

Most of the conversations they have to do with capitalism and wealth and economic power. The writing is solid and the delivery of the dialogue is equally good. At no point does it feel like a needless lecture or lengthy monologues.

Sarah Harper in The Last Days of Capitalism (2020)


The Last Days of Capitalism‘s only two casts are Mike Fiola and Sarah Rose Harper. The pair are more than enough to tell this story. They each hold their own delivering the characters the best way you can imagine. They each have individual moments that they shine. As much as this isn’t a romance filled story where the two fall in love with each other over the weekend, there are some moments where the two seem to be enjoying the other’s company more than you would expect.

Naturally, you would think that you would get tired of the two of them at that never happens. They stay committed to seeing the story through and making sure that the viewer stays interested from start to end.

Sarah Rose Harper in particular does a great leading the audience on with her lies and then eventually showing a different side to the character when you least expect to see it.

Impressively, the writing does cement the idea of other characters existing in the otherwise small universe that the confines of the penthouse presents. Although we never get to hear or see any of these other characters, we are certain that they are. ‘The Man’ makes several mentions of some of his family members and work colleagues who are also at the hotel. Also, several calls are made by either of the two to the hotel’s front desk.

Mike Faiola in The Last Days of Capitalism (2020)

Written and Directed by Adam Mervis, the story is simple with all the complexities embedded in the dialogue but the characters make it easy to navigate through. You can’t help but appreciate that this could have easily been a stage play and would have equally been well executed.

Undoubtedly the film’s title and its logline aren’t enough to have you sold or convinced to see it. The way the story builds up slowly coupled with a huge load of dialogue doesn’t make it any easier to sit through either. But it delivers a decent climax that makes it all worthwhile.  I would score this 6/10.

I would score this 6/10. If the intent was to deliver a low budget, a single-set drama that carries some interesting social commentary then this absolutely worked.

The Last Days of Capitalism would be available on all major TVOD platforms starting November 12, 2021.

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