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Stage Play Review: Dora Why? – Murder and A family’s Secret.



When a production house consistently releases goodness, you always stay expecting of their next outing. Indeed, for Uncle Ebo Whyte and his team, its either the standard is kept afloat or improved and with each outing we get to see. “Dora Why” isn’t far from the pace they continue to maintain and the niche they seem to have carved for themselves over the years with their well written entertaining and enlightening stage plays each quarter.

This is play… Dora has been dead for thirty years. Yet Rev and Mrs. Sowah find this note: “Good evening, Thomas and Mabel… Today marks the 30th anniversary of my death. This is to keep my memory alive. Please don’t forget me. Signed, Dora.”

Is this note really from Dora? If not, who is behind this cruel prank and what does he or she want of Rev and Mrs. Sowah?

The story details the lives of two families, one that was ruined and the other that is constantly on the brink of collapse haunted by dark secret that rears its head every year.

The Sowah’s look like a normal family and have provided the best for their only daughter who is now a successful judge. But a much closer look reveals they are all emotional scared by darks events from 30 years ago. They have all individually found ways to live with the pain and regret and would do anything they can to keep the past buried. A past that is likely to jeopardize the love life of their successful daughter.

This play releases humor elements in mild proportions the release of subtle and complex sarcasms from a mother to a daughter gives the impression of the typical Ghanaian home, their choice of songs and mannerism was very much articulate, and of course their dance moves, apt as always.

Even with the considerably low amounts of humor because of the somewhat dark and intense nature of the story, the play manages to keep the audience dazzled with very unassuming and unpredictable scenes and acts. Obviously, the actors are always at their best when it comes to Roverman plays and they always find ways of fully embodying the characters and giving their utmost best.

However, by this time in the experienced life of Roverman Productions, we would expect more in the props department. If there is a scene where a drink is being poured, a coffee is being made, or a champagne is being poured, then it should be done as realistic as possible.  The effect of an empty cup been sipped, or an empty flask being poured out, takes us back to the plays of old. I believe it’s about time and in as much as the music being sang and the instrumentals come alive, these scenes and all other props and made more believable.

Again, some scenes in our opinion was overstretched. We believe that sometimes a dragging effect goes a way to grow boredom. Especially for a play like this that didn’t pack so much on the side of humor. The drama gets very intense at most acts and the characters did a great job and selling an emotionally driven performance that is sure to make anyone in the audience wish they weren’t in any of their shoes in a real-life situation. Forgiveness can be easy… but it can be very overbearing depending on the circumstances and the weight of such a situation was well felt in this play even with the little amounts of humor it had.

That notwithstanding, we were thrilled by the top of the night with a very impressive articulated and captured show of an on-stage rewind and slow-motioned acting. This was used act out a flashback scene that was very necessary in revealing a very important twist in the story. That scene was one of a kind, and the reaction by the audience gives testament to that.

We find it fair to give this a 3.8 out of 5 stars rating, possibly because of the high expectations we came to this play with. Expecting more humor than we got. But the message was strong and clear and differently hit home right where it was supposed to. Forgiveness is difficult but certainly very possibly especially when regret comes to play. We are indeed all messed up in one way or the other be we all can heal.

If you couldn’t make it to any of the 4 shows last weekend, have to fear at all. Make sure you go see “Dora Why?” during the Easter holidays, Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st or on Monday 22nd April at the National Theatre at either 4pm or 8pm on each day.

If you have already seen it then do well to share with us your thoughts on this production in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this review with your family and friends.

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