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Stage Play Review: LOG Studios Production present their case with “ADAM IN COURT”.



Last night we witnessed the official out-dooring of another production company LOG Studios production daring to wade into the unsettled waters of the theater arts space in Ghana. Their first play titled ‘Adam In Court’, has been met with many mixed reactions since it was announced and finally we got to see the case unfold last Saturday night at the National Theater.

Adam in Court is a satirically play, written and directed by Rebecca Akua Adofowaa Adeipena.

The hilarious stage play sees Adam getting summoned to the court presided over by the creator of the universe after man who’s live is plagued by so much hardship decides to sue him as the cause of all his misfortunes. The story provides a satirical look at the bible story of how Adam and Eve went against the instructions of God and ate the forbidden fruit leading to them being thrown out of the Garden of Eden and also punished by the creator with so much struggle.

In the play, ‘MAN’ is represented by Clement Ashiteye clearly has suffered a lot in his life, so much so that nothing he doesn’t seem to make any headway with anything he touches. He concludes that all is suffering is as a result of Adam’s failure to head to God’s instructions so proceeds to see recompense. He enlists the help of a lawyer a counsel who believes the case can be won regardless of how meaningless it seems.

Richmond Xavior Amoakah stars as counsel for the complainant and he delivers well on the Lawyer Ntim character we have all come to love from the hit Kejetia and Mokola TV series. Seeing his antics on a live stage shows how much seamless the delivery of that character comes to him. You are sure to be awed by how he hilariously fumbles with his words and makes up his own lexicon much to the delight of the audience.

Foster Romanus stars as the counsel for the defendant, Adam and he nailed it the character to the best of his talent equally matching up in terms of humor and delivery in his defense. Oscar Provencal’s presence on the stage in the character of the creator or presiding judge of the case with so much seasoning.

The play also featured the likes of Janeral Ntatia, Fiifi Coleman (as Adam) and Willie Chambez.

A greater part of the play is set in the court were the two lawyers and the clients go at each other trying to make their case with humor and intelligence. The back and forth at each other provides all the humor and entertainment you would expect from a play like this.

There seemed to be a few down moments on the play as some of the jokes went over the heads of many of the audience. But the laughter was resounding once the wits and puns finally hit and hit good. The first court scene required several characters on stage and was a bit marred by the poor sound for some of the dialogues which were not too audible.

We at loved this play for the humor and the delivery of the characters so would rate it a well-deserved 3.5 out of 5 stars. The story reveals so much about human nature in relation how to handle suffering as well as how we treat success.

This is one of the plays that would make you a proselyte of the entertainment and informative values of theatre arts and stage productions in Ghana.

For LOG Studios Production we can only welcome them with words of encouragement. This is a great start for a young outfit and we can only expect more from them in their next outing.

If you got to see Adam In Court, share with us your thoughts on this production in the comments section below. If you didn’t get to see it do not hesitate to catch the next staging to get a firsthand feel of this case of the century.

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