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Stage Play Review: The Intriguing “Sex Scandal” at the National Theatre.



Over the weekend we witnessed the staging of Roverman’s 42nd production at the National theater in Accra. After the very much talked about one man show “A Crazy Ride” they put together last quarter, we have been eager to see what next Ghana’s foremost stage production outfit has in store for us. We could never have foreseen a “Sex Scandal”, let alone one that is as intriguing as it is hilarious.

This 4th quarter play for 2018 details the story of a multiple award-winning gospel music artist, Holy Boy. He is anointed, talented, successful and married to a beautiful wife. After winning in seven major categories in a prestigious national entertainment awards, he returns home to his wife Celine, only to discover that his name is linked to a sex scandal that is likely to end his career and his marriage as well.

Holy Boy is not only a talented artiste he appears to be a very a good lair and an impulsive one at that. He effortlessly spins a web of lies and does it with so much conviction as he stops at nothing defending himself all in the bid to save his face. It appears his lies seem to fuel his creativity as an artiste, yet that still sets him up for his fall.

Photo Credit: Roverman Productions

His relationship with is manager, Brodo, is a clear “hate to love” type that has them constantly agreeing and disagreeing all the time even as they work towards the same goal. A situation that is very similar to most artiste-manager relationships. And it this play we get to see this relationship at its possible extreme.

With all the events happening in a span of a couple of hours within a day, there are still enough details in the dialogue to give the backstories on each of the characters, how they are each connected and the events that led to the morning after the awards night.

Uncle Ebo Whyte continues to reiterate his genius in every one of his plays we have seen over the years and this was no difference. The characters appear authentic and their situation and reactions feel very genuine. The story in its self is something that could easily exist in several parallels of the creative arts. Juggling family life with fame and the temptations it comes with especially for people of faith who are expected to live a life devoid of promiscuity. The scandals that break and the effect they have on a family.

The playwright tells this story with only six characters who are embodied by some amazing talents who delivered marvelously on the characters they were tasked to play. Andrew Tandoh Adote was his usually infallible self, anchoring the other members of the cast without overshadowing their performances in away. Nana Sam Elliot-Sackeyfio who played the role of Celine, was the star of the night for us. In every single line of her delivery, Celine’s hurt, pain and anger is felt and you could easily sympathize with her situation.  Even in her singing, she stays in character and doesn’t loose the act.

The themes and messages we picked from this play picket on the borders of faith, family life, honesty and business in the creative arts with several subtle lessons that are easy to pick up on.

This play deserves 4.5 out of 5 stars. The story goes straight to the point cutting out any exaggerations and dragging scenes or acts. The acting and delivery are flawless just as the song choices and singing can be best describes as divine.  Even the original music in this play were well thought out and executed. The humor is spot on and gives absolute value for money.  Certainly, “Sex Scandal” would go down for us as one of the most complete all-round stage productions we have witnessed over the years.

If you couldn’t make it to any of the 4 shows last weekend, have to fear at all. Make sure you go see “Sex Scandal” on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December at the National Theater at either 4pm or 8pm on each day.

If you have already seen it then do well to share with us your thoughts on this production in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this review with your family and friends.

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