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Stage Play: Where Two or More Women are gathered…? Ribs Crack!!



We would like to commend the MOBA 1996 year group for putting together such a splendid night in the spirit of fraternity to support a good cause. This was certainly a night worth all the praise and commendations it receives.

The biggest highlight of the night was an electrifying and engaging Nii Commey Handwritting, dubbed “Where two or more women are gathered…”  Of course the re-occurring suffix to this statement would be an emphasized exclamation “GOSSIP!!”

Nii Commey’s  play details the lives of old class mates who happen to meet up at one  of their mates pub and whilst reminiscing on old times,  engage in a chit chat about their current situations, marriage, careers, political ambitions and future aspirations.  At the center of this drama is Karoline Karsons, (Yes, Karoline with a “K”) one of the ladies who has prayed all her life for God to send her a husband she purposefully asked for with certain “specifications”.

Their night of catching up and reminiscing takes a much more interesting turn when Karoline announces that she is about to get married which puts her mates in a frenzy of excitement and anxiety yearning to see her God sent, custom –made husband.  The night is further lit up when Karoline’s man unexpectedly shows up at the pub and sets in motion a night of surprises, revelations and unsettling questions.


Nii Commey did an excellent job of developing each character well enough to make them very relatable. With as much as three opening lines from each character you are able to identify their distinctive personas and understand the backstory behind their roles. This awesome play doesn’t have a single dull moment. The excellent performance from the cast coupled with the humorous dialogue kept us all in the audience laughing from start to end. Yes, it was that hilarious, not exaggerated, but perfect enough to make you glad that you hadn’t missed out on being in the audience.

The acting from the cast was very good. There were several acts with unexpected happenings, but we loved how the cast kept up the “show must go on” attitude and quickly improvised to allow those unexpected happenings blend in with the dialogue and act.

We loved how the dialogue used had a way of engaging us the audience and carefully baiting us into chorus responses which made us feel like we were part of the performance at some points.  We also loved the original songs composed for the play. The transition from monologue to singing by Karoline Karsons character was flawless and very enjoyable.

We were very impressed with how this play was arranged especially how the flash back scene was strategically fused in. Only that it became a bit confusing when the flash back also had some of the characters who were introduced earlier on in the play as meeting for the first time. This sort of ruined it a bit for us who were paying very close attention to all the details of this stage play.wtomw1

Overall, this play was not only humorous and entertaining; it was equally informative and enlightening as well. It clearly delivers the message, “You can’t always get what you want” whilst reminding us not to be quick to judge people or situations by what we see or hear when it comes to matters of the heart.

In all we would rate this play 8.5/10 because it did keep us entertained and interested from start to finish.

Aside the equally exhilarating performances from new gospel sensation KODA, Humor Therapist Idiot Brown and The one man orchestra, Addaquay last night would forever remain in our minds as a memorable way to climax Ghana’s 59th Independence Day anniversary with that excellent stage play from Nii Commey.


In case you couldn’t make it to the National Theater last night, always be on the lookout when next “Where two or more women are gathered..” would be staged and make it a point not to miss it.

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