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Stage Play: Uncle Ebo Whyte Serves Us with “Sankofa”




It’s the third quarter of the year already and Uncle Ebo Whyte and his Roverman Productions team are out with their 32nd consecutive quarterly play titled “Sankofa”.

Yes they have been doing this for the past 8 years and it seems there no slowing down now.

Sankofa  tells the story of two highly honored Ghanaian professors who have traveled to Australia to confer an honorary degree on a Ghanaian Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

They encounter a young man who was once a student of one of the professors and had been unfairly treated by this same professor who seems to have high expectations for everyone.

This young man holds a secret that could possibly ruin their reputations but fights to hold on to it whilst a long lost daughter of this same professor affected by his past actions towards the young man is about to confront his dad for the first time in several years.


This play covers broad subject matters but successfully merges them into a very entertaining experience that is guaranteed to leave you laughing and applauding all throughout.

The playwright tells a compelling  story that does not just appeal to the intellect of every individual who sees it but also stirs up mental debate over the issue of morals versus ethics in relation to constant individual struggle of being who you are or being who you are forced to be.

Production wise, you get to see another flawless stage play from the Roverman Productions team. The entire set is sure to leave you in awe, with well-coordinated lighting and excellent use of props that would definitely ensure that you get lost in the moment and forget that you are watching a play but actually witnessing live events.

This play introduces some fresh faces you might never have seen if you are [dropcap][/dropcap]an Uncle Ebo Whyte loyal. The excellent performance from these casts is all that this entertaining story needed to show. We loved the use of extras in the play, who’s random appearances were enough to give you the appreciation of the details the playwright put in place to make the whole story very believable and relatable.


As very typical of an Ebo Whyte stage play you are guaranteed of an excellent choice of songs that included both contemporary and timeless  Ghanaian and World music that you are sure to catch yourself singing along to. The choreography from the cast was excellent as well.

One of the high points of this play was the good attempt at incorporating cultural elements of the aborigines into one of the acts.

This play is filled with many lessons that intend to question the average Ghanaian’s attitude towards education, achieving qualifications and earning laurels. It also speaks up against the very bad attitude of us Ghanaian’s looking down on each other especially in situations where we find ourselves academically affluent then the people we encounter or interact with.

IMG_0189 strongly recommends that you go see this play with your family and friends and relish the experience of being entertained, educated, inspired and morally psyched at the same time as we would give “Sankofa” a perfect score in delivering on all of these.

You can catch Sankofa at the National Theatre, Accra on the following dates;

August 27th, 28th and September 3rd, 4th 2016 at 4pm and 8pm each day.

Tickets are currently selling for 80ghc at all Airtel shops, all Capital Bank branches, Joy Fm, Shell shops at Airport, Dansoman and East Legon, Baatsona and Haatso Total, Jane Ann Supermarket, Motorway Supermarket, Frankie’s and 37 Goil.

This production is sponsored by Airtel Ghana and supported by Capital Bank, DDP Outdoor, Logistic Movers and Rover Report Monthly.

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