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Stageplay Review: Take Me To The Moon – Dreaming up the impossible.



Uncle Ebo Whyte and his Roverman Productions team are finally year with their first quarter play for 2022.

This play certainly does not only feel different from all other last few Ebo Whyte plays, it has a very unique theme. It doesn’t focus so much on religion, family, marriage or relationships. This one has politics at its core.

Take Me to the Moon” tells the story of Kwadwo Boamah the head of the state, who has a very wild dream. He wants Ghana to be the first African Country to go to the moon.  He seeks the assistance of Dr. Tettey a renowned Ghanaian astrophysicist and the second in command at NASA. The Professor buys into the idea, much against the desires of Akuye, his no-nonsense wife.  Together they must navigate through the complexities of getting this project approved by parliament and implemented before the president’s term is over without any hitches.

Will the project run smoothly or will political differences and partisanship stall Kwadwo Boamoh’s dream from come through?

Somewhere in the mix is Hon. Eileen, Kwadwo’s ex-wife, whom he still has feelings for and is trying to win back. And then there is Donna, the Chief of Staff who once had feelings for her boss, Kwadwo.

In the play the characters are used to delve into the ills and biases of political partisanship, nepotism and abuse of power that some political leaders display.

The entire play is set in the presidential office with the chief of staff and the president, the party chairman and Dr. Kobby Tettey and his wife Prof. Akuye Tettey as the main characters in the play.

Subtly, the play does touch on relationship matters however. Kwadwo has not gotten over his ex-wife even after 10 years of divorce. He believes that by chasing what seems like an outlandish dream, he would be able to win her heart back.

Eileen on the other hand is forever scarred by Kwadwo’s neglect and supposed infidelity that led to their marriage falling apart. She is committed at using her position as minority leader for the opposition party in parliament to frustrate and torment Kwadwo. To her the love is lost and she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Dr. Tettey and the wife however are like peas in a pod. They appear to be polar opposites with the Prof himself being very quiet and laid back whilst Akuye is loud and very outspoken. But together they are cohesive unit and very supportive of each other’s careers.

What is your biggest dream, the one that scares you even thinking about it? And what if pursuing that dream could cost you the love of your life?

The play shows us how we can all go for our dreams whilst fighting for love. Its message is simple, dreamers make things happen and it is okay to be a dreamer.

Despite this play feeling very different in theme and message, it had all the distinctive elements of humor and music that Roverman productions are known for. All these together with the awesome stage design and decent acting makes this play another unique experience

I would rate this play 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.  

Take Me To The Moon” is being staged again this weekend Saturday 2nd April and Sunday 3rd April at 4pm and 8pm each day at the National Theater.

If you are a dreamer looking for some motivation to keep dreaming you should certainly go and see this play.

Tickets are going for GH¢100 per head. Tickets can be bought by dialing *713*5*5# and following the prompts.

To make enquiries or to order tickets, one can reach Roverman Productions via email or call 0505546010.

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