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Movie Review: ‘Three Corners of Deception’ – When Love Becomes a Crisis.



Three Corners of Deception’ is a about a college law professor and attorney who meets the man of her dreams over a Las Vegas Memorial Day weekend. They fall in love and quickly marry and start a family. She one realizes he isn’t the man he’s been pretending to be. As she they go through divorce and child custody proceedings, she discovers more revelations about the man who she thought was her knight in shining armor.

This film appears to be the true-life story of Dr. Maleeka Clary who wrote, directed and plays the lead role. It details the whirlwind romance that knocks her off her feet into a toxic relationship threatens her sanity, her career and even her life.

The story starts off with narrations of her past romantic affairs and how they ended up until she encounters Ray. You can tell that almost immediately that Maleeka is a strong-willed woman but she is a helpless romantic as well. He strong willed side gets the better of her whilst she tries to navigate the complexities of divorce and custody court. She goes all out and some of her actions are too extreme making her case worse against a system that is already stacked against her.

You would think that a story as simple and straight forward as this would have been easily and beautifully told. Maleeka complicates it by trying to add so many layers of drama that are somewhat not necessary. The scenes thereafter and draggy and lack the punch that they might otherwise have had if they were just enough and straight to the point. The entire film ends up being almost half-hour more than it should have been. Perhaps she just had so much detail that she didn’t want to leave out of the film.

Clearly this a personal story that she decided to make into a film herself so it might be hard for her to leave certain details out. On some levels, you could tell through the narrative and drama how severe those situations might have affected her life and mental health. She fell in love with a deceptive monster who lured his way into her heart only to rip it out and cause her so much pain and torment. Perhaps this could be her way of healing through all that she might have gone through.

Maleeka goes to many extents trying to fight the system and a scheming ex-husband. Some of the actions seem a bit too extreme and over-exaggerated obviously for the purpose of making this film more intense and dramatic.

Production wise, this film is way below standards. From camera works, sound and even to the editing, the amateurish work is evident. There are several scenes that shakes so much you could start to feel dizzy. Whilst there are several others that have very bad sound levels that are either as a result of interferences or poorly mic-ed actors.

Some of the original music used is brilliant however. Clearly whoever is behind those songs has some talent and this could be the film that gets them noticed if they already aren’t that big.

The intent behind the movie is clear however. The story is meant to empower and encourage woman in similar situations to seek help and control their lives. Hopefully, it is seen by the right people and makes the impact that it needs to make.

I would rate ‘Three Corners of Deception5/10 for its efforts. It is far from perfect and neither is it extraordinary. It just sets out to tell a story and commits to telling it right through to the very end.

Three Corners of Deception would be available for streaming mid of 2022.

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