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Series Review: “Daddy’s Divas” Season 1 – A Heartwarming Comedy Series for the Whole Family



Daddy’s Divas is a series about Michael Hill (played by David Tittone), a recent widower and his three daughters as he struggles to survive fatherhood in his suburban community. 

Not only does he have to deal with his very adventurous kids, but he also has his mother, Carol (played by Dawn Linneman) and his sister Tiffany (played by Christie Courville) ) and their packages of adventure and drama to deal with.

A few episodes into the show, it might seem like there are too many characters to keep track of. But it turns out to be relatively easy to do so. They are all interconnected in one way or the other. And with most of the scenes set within the neighbourhood that they all live in, it is easier to follow each distinctive character and whatever it is that is going on for them.

By the second episode, you would have gotten familiar with the characters, individual personalities and how they are each related to each other.

In the first episode, we get introduced to the twins, Brooklyn and Jocelyn and all the trouble that is expected of them. They consider themselves YouTube stars and get into trouble for pranking their teacher. Michael is called in but instead, he is amused by what they did. Their principal as well as their teacher suggest that the twins get involved in some extra curriculum actives intended to stir them away from trouble. And so they join an after-school dance class.

Each of the subsequent episodes focuses majorly on one of the main characters in the show but doesn’t leave out the others. Everyone seems to be keeping an eye on each other and is either trying to sabotage or compete with the other for everyone else’s attention. The result of this is ten interesting episodes that like any classic sitcom are enough to keep you well entertained.

Michael with his athletic background is a personal trainer with a couple of clients who visit his home for sessions. These characters are also tied into the events that happen in each episode one way or the other to not make it about just Micheal and his family. Even Adalyn, the infant daughter is not left out of all the drama.

There is even a pair of hilarious elders who are trying to recruit people for this biker group The flying bandits. They too provide some adventures and interactions that are sure to make you laugh.


In later episodes, we see some chemistry between Michael and the girls’ teacher Carly as they start to date. But that is not the only love affair in the show. Micheal’s mother Carol also gets involved with the school Principal Henderson and that affair and its resulting drama are explored in several of the final episodes of the season.

Interestingly the show is written and directed by David Tittone who plays Micheal. And he stars alongside his actual daughters and his son who plays Luke, the mischievous little cousin to the girls.

Although some of the actors in the show come across as cheesy and unpolished in several scenes, the actors manage to keep it together well enough to keep you interested in the show right through to the final episode. What also works for this film is the humour elements. It all feels natural and the characters just seem comfortable and invested in delivering no matter how absurd some of the situations might seem.

You can easily tell that this show was made on a lean budget but is clear that everyone involved in it was fully committed to making sure that goal of this show being wholesome family-oriented entertainment was achieved. This was moderately delivered on as in no way would you find any of this cringe-worthy even with all the absurdity and craziness the characters display.

In the end, ‘Daddy’s Divas’ doesn’t seem like much but it is filled with interesting characters who grow on you in no time. It is humorous in a quirky way but still manages to propagate certain values like the importance of family, self-love and comradery.

With only ten episodes for the season, with each episode running for about 20 minutes this show is enough to keep anyone entertained. You can easily binge-watch this in just a few hours. Certainly, once you start with this, you are sure to want to see it through to the last episode by which you would be left wanting more. 

Hopefully, there is a second season for this show that would be equally as entertaining if not more. But for now, you can check out the 10 episodes of Daddy’s Divas on Amazon Prime Video.

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