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WATCH: New Teaser Trailer for Ghana’s First Sci-fi Feature Film ‘The Batu Project – Adam The First’.



A new teaser trailer has been unveiled for what is being touted as “Ghana’s first science fiction film” titled “Adam the First.”

This audacious endeavour in the science fiction genre, which has been in the works for several years, has been finalized and is now poised for release. The project, brought to life through the collaborative efforts of SEG Cineland and QVision Studios, was seemingly abandoned after the producers initially announced its release plans three years ago.

In an interview with our publication three years ago, the film’s writer and director, M. Sayibu, characterized the film as “an odyssey of self-discovery and enlightenment.” He further stated, “As the title suggests, we follow the expedition of an individual, the very first of his kind, as he traverses the cosmos in search of a new habitat for humanity.”

The official synopsis of the film describes it as follows: “Adam arrives on Tiamat, a supposedly lifeless world, with a mission to activate an ancient outpost, a pivotal step in the process that may one day rescue his people. However, appearances can be deceiving.”

Renowned screen and stage actor and producer Agbeko ‘Bex’ Mortty believes this project “will demonstrate that Ghanaian filmmakers have the capacity to push the boundaries and are not confined to a single narrative.”

This sci-fi endeavour has been in the making for several years since it wrapped up principal photography in March 2020. Given its ambitious nature as a pioneering Ghanaian sci-fi film, it has taken time to finalize in post-production.

The filmmakers have sporadically teased their audience with glimpses of the project over the years and now feel confident that it’s time to share their labour of love with the world.

Originally titled “Adam The First” as a stand-alone feature, the creators have reimagined it as potentially the opening chapter of a trilogy, hence the new titling, “The Batu Project – Adam The First.”

Discussing the new trailer, Sayibu disclosed, “We needed to ensure everything was just right.” He added, “No one has ever embarked on such a venture within the Ghanaian cinematic landscape, so if we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it the right way.”

The film is set to feature an ensemble cast including Agbeko ‘Bex’ MorttyNaa AshokorMajeed Suhuyini, Samira Suhyini, and Jacob Zibidee Ayanaba.

Sayibu’s previous works include the slasher horror flick “Slumber Party,” the crime thriller “The Northern King,” “This Line of Work,” and the yet-to-be-release “Men Don’t Cry.”

With anticipation building, we eagerly await the release of this film.

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